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Survival Tips for Raising Teenagers
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The Five Rules of Raising Teenagers was originally published over on Huffington Post.  Here's an excerpt: If you haven't experienced the third circle of hell in parenting, a.k.a parenting a teenager, you might want to skip this blog post. Raising teenagers is the 'Twilight Zone' stage of child rearing. As a parent of a teen, ... [Read more]


The American Kennel Club uses the phrase "Multum in Parvo" to describe the Pug breed.  "Multum in Parvo" means "a lot of dog in a small space." It's no wonder that Pugs are the perfect dogs for Halloween.  Pugs are so ugly they are cute. And some of the noises (and smells) that come from ... [Read more]


This post on Raising Teenagers was originally published on Huffington Post.  Here is an excerpt: As the mother of two teen daughters, there are daily parenting challenges that can't be found in parenting books. The "third circle of hell," also known as parenting teenagers, can be rough. Some of my best friends have already lived ... [Read more]


Parenting a teenager can make you feel like you were dropped into an episode of the Twilight Zone.  It can feel like you are living on a different planet than your teenage child and in some ways YOU ARE! This picture is of my oldest daughter who dressed like a robot to deliver a report ... [Read more]


Hostess Brands has closed! As slacker moms, junk food junkies and stoners mourn the loss our favorite brand,  I will be posting recipes for some of the best (and worst) Hostess treats of all time. The DEEP-FRIED Twinkie is a guilty pleasure that can only be found at carnivals and state fairs.  Deep-Fried Twinkies are ... [Read more]