Funny Someecards for Thanksgiving

by Michelle Lamar


The Thanksgiving holiday looms and when you’re divorced, holiday weekends can mean a shuffle of kids between family gatherings.  Divorce puts the FUN back into dysfunctional family holidays.

If your family was already dysfunctional before divorce, having to split time with your ex during the holiday adds to the chaos.

The holidays can be bittersweet but sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

With that in mind, here are some funny Someecards for Thanksgiving.

Since I am officially a Twilight Mom—I’ve seen every Twilight flick at least once—I have to laugh at the Twilight-Thanksgiving someecard.

If you get the third-degree on Thanksgiving because of your job or your relationship status, I’ve got a funny someecard for you!

If you are looking forward to a short holiday week—you’ll love this someecard!  My job and the people I work with are awesome but I had to laugh at this Thanksgiving work someecard.

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